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Black Women Have Control Over Their Bodies


BWRJ’s overall goal through its Health Education component was to educate Black women and girls about basic reproductive health issues. BWRJ believed there was an ongoing need to help women and girls understand basic things like their menstrual cycles, family planning, pregnancy options, self-breast care, etc.

Safer Sex Educational Experiences (SSEX)

BWRJ’s safer sex educational curriculum and training called “Safer Sex Educational Experiences” was modeled after the Atlanta-based SisterLove, Inc.’s Healthy Love Party.  SSEX workshops taught individuals not only about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection prevention and transmission, but also about healthy intimacy alternatives. In addition to providing health education directly to women, BWRJ trained women to share the information with other family members and friends by training them to be peer educators. Facilitators received an intensive 12-hour comprehensive reproductive and sexual health training.

AAWE/BWRJ First SSEXFacilitatorGuide

BWRJ Chicago Public School Curriculum

Pretty Girl Beauty Initiative

BWRJ worked with individuals in the beauty industry (hair salons, day spa, and nail salons) to forge partnerships to educate Black women about reproductive health issues. It also worked to educate both beauty professionals and clients about various reproductive health risks associated with some of the nail, hair, and skin products on the market and sought to move them to begin using and offering safer beauty products to their clients.

 Sexuality Awareness & Women In Worship (SAWW)

Through SAWW, BWRJ sought to bridge the gap between reproductive justice and Black Christian theology.  BWRJ was able to forge strategic relationships with the Black church to create a progressive religious voice and base, as well as broaden its educational efforts with Black women and girls within the Black church.\

SAWW Resource Manual