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Access to Emergency Contraception

In 2003, AAWE published,Emergency Contraceptive Survey Report 2003  Based upon its survey of pharmacies in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, this policy report included several policy recommendations to increase access to emergency contraception (EC) (see Appendix F).  The report highlighted the inconsistencies in access to EC and the need for greater education of pharmacy personnel.  AAWE’s recommendations included cultural competency training for pharmacy personnel, the need to forge strategic alliances with other health activists such as HIV/AIDS advocates while awaiting the FDA’s decision, and the pros and cons of EC being over-the-counter.  The report was distributed to grassroots community groups, allies, and the corporate offices of Walgreens, CVS, and Jewel Osco.

AAWE Emergency Contraception PowerPoint

AAWE also created the above, AAWE Emergency Contraception PowerPoint, about the survey results.