BWRJ Health Education

Reproductive and sexual health education was at the core of BWRJ’s work.  During its existence, BWRJ’s health education efforts included, developing a safer sex educational curriculum and training called “Safer Sex Educational Experiences,” modeled after the Atlanta-based SisterLove, Inc.’s Healthy Love Party; producing brochures and informational kits on the prevention and transmission of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections; the creation of a menstrual tracking chart; and trainings to teach women how to do self-cervical examinations using self-cervical exam kits supplied by AAWE (kits included a plastic speculum, hand-held mirror, and a flashlight).

In 2002, AAWE also produced a video presentation called, “African American Mothers and Daughters:  Sharing the Knowledge,” which featured mothers and daughters in an intergenerational discussion about reproductive health and sexuality.  With an accompanying discussion guide, this video came to be viewed as a resource tool to begin and/or continue the discussion about reproductive health and sexuality for mothers and daughters.

The demand for AAWE’s unique approach to reproductive and sexual health education grew exponentially.  So much so, that the organization hired Johnson as its full-time Director of Health Education in 2004 to keep pace with the monthly requests for workshops.  AAWE also formalized its reproductive and sexual health education component into a curriculum and began to train women in the community to be peer educators.

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