Mothers & Daughters Talking

In 2002, AAWE produced a video presentation called, “African American Mothers and Daughters:  Sharing the Knowledge,” which featured mothers and daughters in an intergenerational discussion about reproductive health and sexuality.  With an accompanying discussion guide, this video came to be viewed as a resource tool to begin and/or continue the discussion about reproductive health and sexuality for mothers and daughters.

BWRJ Mother & Daughter Video Discussion Guide


About RJTheologian

I have worked in the women's movement at nonprofits for almost 20 years. The focus of my work has been reproductive and sexual health. I was one of the founding mothers who coined the phrase "reproductive justice" in 1994. This has become a framework that has literally taken the women's movement by storm, helping to create the space for women of color to work on issues of reproductive and sexual health from positions of leadership and expertise. After working in this movement for so many years, I decided that the time had came for me to step out of the way and support the next generation of women of color leaders in doing the work. I am on to new horizons, pursing my academic studies and women and gender and theology. I will always be supportive of the work being done in the reproductive and sexual health, rights, and justice movements. However, being outside of the day-to-day workings of a nonprofit organization gives me the opportunity to be a "Peripheral Movement Sista!!"
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